Ycdscc.com (Your Canada Drugstore) Reviews

Sally Dale

New member
Hello all, I have used this site and it is one of the best, but I am not sure if they are delivering in this corona outbreak. Has anyone ordered recently???

Patricia Banks

New member
That's great news. Kristine, it is good that they are operating, I think it is safer to order online than going to get stuff yourself.

Gary Knight

New member
I do not agree, if you go you will take care not to get exposed, but when it is delivered the delivery guy will have to interact with all the people who have ordered.
The package will be delivered well packed, and if you take safety precautions when taking the package from the delivery guy, it would be perfectly safe.

William Harris

New member
This site was registered in 2018 but is labeled as a trusted site. I haven't ordered from this, but the reviews are good. It is good to know that they do deliver during this crisis.

Ian Laurie

New member
I do agree, the prices look quite reasonable too, I guess I will try this. It is good to hear that they operate these days too.