Who here knows of Zoldorm?

I have some questions about sleep medications, but I think that for now, they are a bit out of my league.

So for now, how do GABAergic drugs work?
Okay, so GABAergic drugs are used as hypnotics AKA sleep medication. As said above:-

- Barbiturates

- BZD (Benzodiazepines)

- Z drugs.

Do you know why Barbiturates are so dangerous and almost not used anymore?
GABAergic can refer to a lot of things, but in general, they let more chloride onions through the pore of GABA receptors, leading to cell hyperpolarization through one way or another (this is the case with benzodiazepines, barbiturates, z-drugs, qualones, direct agonists like muscimol and carbonates) and/or activate GABA receptors, leading to a bunch of stuff (because it is a GPCR and not an ion channel) but ultimately hyperpolarization as well (as is the case with baclofen and direct agonists like muscimol.