Which online pharmacy is best for purchasing?


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Which online pharmacy is best for purchasing? l want to buy some discount viagra. Which online pharmacy is the most reliable to buy a drug?


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There are lots of online stores so no one can say which one is the best of the best. Here is the list of safe American pharmacies posted on the forum.

If you interested in Viagra specifically I would recommend GetRoman. Currently, they are offering a free doctor visit and 2-day delivery.


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These are great online pharmacy websites. I have used CanadaDrugsDirect for purchasing my anxiety medication and their services are top-notch. I will still have to check out the British online pharmacies you mentioned above using PharmacyChecker.


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I've bought antibiotics from this site twice. They were legitimate and shipping was never a problem. I haven't tried their sex pills though.


Plus, they take credit card payments by Visa, when a lot of these places are only taking Western Union or other overly complicated or risky payment methods these days.