What to do before ordering drugs from online pharmacies?


I understand that we always want the convenience that life got to offer and that includes having to have items that we buy delivered right to us at home. However, I feel that there is a need for us to be sure that we are getting the right drugs that fit the sickness that we want to treat. The danger of getting the right drugs for the wrong sickness can be dangerous and bad for our health, don't you think so?


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First of all, I would see if the site is legit, I would simply ask someone to use online pharmacy sites or google for reviews. When ordering the medic, you must be very careful about the information, some drugs may look the same, but doses might be different, I usually consult a friend of mine who is a pharmacist before ordering meds.


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This is actually why in some part of the developing world where a large number of people especially in African countries still purchase their drugs over the counter without any doctors consultation or prescription. They self diagnose themselves with the symptoms they have and purchase what they can for the treatment. As a result of this, there have been several cases of death from taking the wrong pills and overdose.


Sure! I agree that taking drugs for the wrong sickness can be deadly. That is why you should always get a prescription from your doctor before buying medicine online.

Where it is not possible to get a prescription immediately, from your doctor, you should buy from an online pharmacy that has qualified and trusted physicians. They will run you through a series of questions that will help them diagnose your sickness, and prescribe the proper drugs for you.

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Taking the wrong drugs for a disease can have serious consequences. Some of which include organ failure, dangerous side effects, and death. You may end up with the wrong drugs, if you were misdiagnosed, or if you bought the drugs without a prescription.

Sometimes dangerous side effects may occur even when we use the right prescription drugs. This can be due to taking the drugs in the wrong dosage or taking them in combination with other drugs that don't react well.


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Having witnessed some cases where some people self medicates without consulting any medical personnel and how it turned out to be a very bad decision or line of action, I have always made it a point to duty to seek medical advice before ordering any medicine online so as to be on the safer side of health.


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Ninety - seven per cent of online pharmacies are illegal and dangerous, according to the FDA. While the convenience of buying medicine online can be tempting and there are legitimate sources out there, you have to be careful to make sure you aren’t getting scammed for your personal financial information or putting yourself and your family in danger with counterfeit or substandard drugs.


Before you purchase your prescription medication online, look for these three things:

1. They’re certified
Mail-order pharmacies should be certified as a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site (VIPPS). There are fewer than 50 pharmacies within us that have this accreditation. VIPPS certified pharmacies must be reviewed every three years. you'll tell if an order pharmacy is VIPPS certified by trying to find the official VIPPS logo on their website.
2. They’re affiliated with a reputable organization
Rogue pharmacies come and go. they have a tendency to crop up online then disappear quickly. That’s why it’s important to urge your prescription drug from an order pharmacy that’s a part of a corporation you recognize and trust.
3. They always got to know your prescription
Rogue pharmacies will say they don’t need a prescription for medicine, controlled substances or narcotics. this is often not only alarming, but it’s also illegal. Any certified order pharmacy would require a doctor’s prescription before sending your medicine. If you're trying to find cheaper prescription drugs, contact your insurance provider to debate your options. they will advise you on lower-cost alternatives.


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Before ordering drugs online, one should make sure he or she checks the pharmacy if it's legally established. And to know if they have had issues or issues concerning adulterated drugs before. Try to go through people's review concerning the pharmacy. The way they treat their clients and more.