What should I do to stop masturbation?

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It's up to you if you really want to change this habit than only you can do it increase your will power. Understand the side effects of masturbation on your health and happy life. It is nothing but just the satisfaction of two minutes so just for the satisfaction of two minutes you cannot play with your health so take a resolution that you will never do it again any how.


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Well, I get where you just aren't into it when you are actually supposed to have sex. Its because masturbation has given you a peak that sex doesn't seem to be able to reach. There are so many factors battling against you. Like serotonin, epinephrine, ifosB, etc They make you like masturbation more and make it impossible (nearly) to stop. They rewire the brain's circuitry. So all you have to do is rewire your brain's circuitry. Do this by looking for a list of things that you love so much and you can do it immediately. So whenever you feel an urge run to them. A popular one is exercise. Also, tell someone close to you that you would feel embarrassed if they know. It will be hard but it's doable.


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Well, it's a serious problem and if you do it often its time to change this habit otherwise you will ruin your health soon. Look if you really want to get rid of this habit then:
1. Take a resolution that you will do it only twice in a month this will help you to not do it often
2. Stay away from all the adult sites, pages & apps
3. Try meditation, it will boost your will power up to 10x
4. Try to know the side effects of masturbation on your body


For me, masturbation is something of the mind. All you have to do us to control your mind from going there.

You know what led you to the act, pornographic movies. You need to stop watching those movies and when you are done with this move, your health and mind will change.

And also pray to God, ask him to help you drop those habits of yours and you will see it manifest.
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I do masturbate quite often as I don't see anything wrong with it and so do most of my girlfriends although a couple of them have been ruined by the false claims made by the NoFap community that masturbation and porn are evil, etc.

Anyways, if you think that masturbation is harming you, then the first thing that you need to do is to stop getting aroused. There are several herbal products available in the market that claim to reduce the libido and sexual desire, you might give them a try and then let us know how it went. Good Luck!


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While I was just 13, I was lured into masturbation by watching porn clips online. This has continued and I have noticed that it affects my sexual desire as well. I wouldn't enjoy a situation where my partner will want us to make love and I don't have the urge for it. Please, what should I do to stop it?
Unfortunately, at the moment there is no single and universal method to overcome this problem. Each case is very individual and requires sufficiently high motivation and conscious work on oneself from the dependent person.


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I'm sorry about that. First, you said that pornography lured you into it, so start with avoiding it. Masturbation is all about desire, and men are triggered by what they see. Secondly, you should always find a company whenever you feel the urge. Get friends and involve in a chat. Also, you should pray.
Yeah, he should pray, definitely! :ROFLMAO:(y)