What do you do when the treatment doctor recommended to you is ineffective?


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There have been recent complaints by neighbors that the online medical consultations that they get are almost nothing to write home about. Cases where they won't prescribe drugs that can work effectively and making prescriptions of different drugs that cure the same ailment. Do you think they will be right to sue or let it slide?


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My immediate advice would be to forget the online pharmacy and look for another means to take care of your health first because you would have to be alive first before you plan on going to a legal battle over ineffective treatment. Although from your analysis, it would appear that the online pharmacy or doctor does not really know what he or she is doing.


Most of these doctors are out to make money and this is the reason you should always cross-check before taking any drug to be sure that it is going to treat the ailment that you are suffering from. There is no need to sue unless you have a valid reason to do so at this particular point with a piece of concrete evidence.


I came across this post today and I feel it relates to me directly as I couldn't just feel better after taking the recommended drugs. Sometimes, I feel its either the quality of the drug or treatment or maybe I am not properly diagnosed which I think cant be possible most especially when its an illness I have treated successfully in the past with the same physician. What can possibly be wrong?


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I do not really think that these doctors are very good at what they do. Or if they are, then they do not seem to care much about their patients. I agree that they want to make a quick buck or two. They need to spend more time with their patients in order to know what they really need.


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Honestly, I don't think this is a question to ask in the sense that you have your life in danger, but for asking this question, it simply means you are not really in danger and, to be honest with you, I suggest you change your doctor or change the hospital, but at least, do everything possible to get well fast. I know I may sound a bit harsh, but I don't joke with life!


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This is the trouble with online pharmacies. They can not hook you up to medical equipment and run tests on you. They can't run lab tests, take your temperature, blood pressure, etc. At best, their diagnosis is only an estimate of your sickness. They can't give you an accurate diagnosis because all the necessary data is not available. Therefore, they may end up giving you the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage. This means the drugs they give you may not be effective for treating your disease.


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There are a few trusted medical online consultants that you can see online and you really need to say how you are feeling to get things working fine when they prescribe drugs for you. Thus, the need to go for proper medical examination to be sure that you have one ailment or another before going into treatment.


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What I understand with some of these pharmacies is that they prompt you to choose from a list of conditions. The medications for each condition in this situation are always preprogrammed. The problem is that you may choose a condition that "resembles" yours, according to your understanding (as you may not know what exactly the computer examiner is looking for. That's how you may end up with an ineffective medication.


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When consulting a doctor online, I don't believe that he can give you a perfect diagnosis, because he diagnoses the disease from the details you give. Now your question, if the treatment is ineffective, then I do recommend to go and see a doctor for real, then he can diagnose you correctly and prescribe suitable medication.

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In such case stop looking for online pharmacy and treatments, you must visit a doctor near you but the things you should keep in your mind is that the doctor you are going to visit has solved many-body problems like your's one, the doctor must have experience of minimum 7 to 8 years. There are so many body problems which cannot be cured properly by online treatments or remedies you must visit the best doctor near you.


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The answer is just too easy. If you are not satisfied by the treatment of your current doctor, you are not getting any results or its totally ineffective then simply just change your doctor. If you will not change your doctor you will only waste your money and time so change your doctor and visit the best one near you.


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Online diagnosis of diseases are not always accurate, they just get an idea of what you have with the details given by you. So sometimes the medics they prescribe might not be effective, or sometimes may make it worse. The best method is to go and consult a real doctor, it might be a bit expensive but it is safer and effective too. If you come across any bad online medical consultation sites, please share.


How well your treatment works often varies. Your first-line treatment may not work, may start but then stop working, or may cause serious side effects. Your doctor may then suggest a second-line treatment, also called second-line therapy. It is a different treatment that is likely to be effective. You can get a second opinion from other medics too.