What are the types of drugs that you can never order online?


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For sure, I have to admit that making drug purchases online is a bit easier than getting to offline pharmacies. First, all you need is a technology gadget and your login to make purchases. However, there are people that say that it is not every time drugs that they can buy online. What type of drugs will you find difficult to order from online pharmacies?



Some drugs that need doctor's appointment won't be easy for me to order online. When I take a look at how things are done in terms of the side effects of some drugs, then I will prefer to make orders offline after seeing a doctor.


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Well for me, I would categorize the drugs I would have difficulty in purchasing online into diabetic drugs, hypertensive drugs, and insulin drug as well as hormonal disease drugs. All these drugs are very sensitive to me, which is why it's critical to meet a doctor for me in such situations.


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I think it was earlier this year that one horrible news broke out about a final year student who died after taking anti-malaria drugs she never knew was a fake one. From investigation so far, it was discovered she purchased the anti-malaria pills from one online pharmacy stores.

After that incident, I now have a phobia for purchasing anti-malaria drugs online as a result of what happened to the girl. It was such a horrible encounter for me.


The types you can’t get online are mostly those that you can easily overdose on or abuse through addiction or recreational use. This barrier is mostly for consumers safety, rather than an inconvenience. It also stops fake pharmacies online taking advantage of those who are looking to continue their addiction or substance abuse and charge absurd amounts, knowing the buyers would pay anything in that desperate time of need.


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A few medications which can be prescribed after doctor's examination won't be simple to order on the web. When I investigate how things are done regarding the symptoms and relate them to certain medications, I may want to cancel my order after seeing a specialist.


I don't think there are many drugs you can't purchase online. Even the so-called illegal drugs, can be bought online if you know where to go and where to look.

Here is a video to illustrate my point of view.


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Almost all drugs can be bought online. Illegal and deadly drugs can all be bought online. I think however, that, it is not safe to consume such drugs. If the drugs are considered illegal offline, then, it is also illegal to purchase them online. You may find yourself in trouble with the authorities, if you are caught in possesions of such drugs.


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I do not know if there is any particular kind of drugs which I wouldn't be open to purchasing online. As long as the online pharmacy stores have the drugs which I needed to purchase, I'm definitely interested in buying through such medical medium because it's less stressful and saves cost.