What’s with all the controversy about online pharmacies?


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All the drama about online pharmacies is centered on the incidents of fake drugs and people getting scammed when trying to purchase one drug online. I have witnessed where someone died as a result of self-medication from buying drugs without a prescription and the drugs ended up being a fake drug one.


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I think it’s because some online pharmacies sell narcotic drugs which are not allowed to be sold online. Others are from India and you don’t know what you're getting. Some sell FDA approved medication and are pretty safe. I know that NationMedication.com is a big one. They get a bad rep for all the scammers out there!


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Some people prefer to use online pharmacy stores in order to get discounted prices on their drugs but the majority of fuss and controversy about online pharmacy is the issue of scams and others that sell contraband drugs. Take, for instance, Tramadol is banned in my country but some online pharmacy still sell to some people and it's a serious problem.


I think it is because most online pharmacies will sell to you regardless of whether you have a prescription or not. Those that do don't properly check the prescription.

Also, online pharmacies make it easy for you to buy narcotic drugs. Doctors are careful about prescribing these types of drugs to patients. But a lot of online pharmacies don't care about proper prescription, so long as they receive their payment for the drug purchase.

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Buying meds from an unverified online pharmacy could cause you to overdose yourself, or lose your money. You may also end up receiving fake meds or not at all. Another issue is the tendency to self medicate. Some online pharmacies make it possible to buy medicine without a prescription. This can lead to health problems.


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It is all about the rise of fake online pharmacies and the inability of those that that buying from such stores failing to make proper investigation about how real that those pharmacies are. This is the reason one should ensure that they purchase from online pharmacies that are true to their words as well.

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An online drug store is a based merchant that sells prescriptions and incorporates both authentic and ill-conceived drug stores. Autonomous Internet-just destination, online parts of "Block and concrete" drug store, and locales speaking to the organization among drug stores fall under the domain on "online drug stores.

Autonomous Internet-just locales, online parts of "block and-mortar" drug stores, and destinations speaking to association among neighborhood drug stores. Potential advantages of online drug stores incorporate expanded access, lower exchange and item costs, and more noteworthy namelessness. In any case, online drug stores have produced debates, including
the utilization of "cyber doctors" on certain locales, the apportioning of drugs without medicines from different destinations, and the importation of physician endorsed prescriptions.


I think the main reason is the uncertainty of whether these sites are legitimate and legal. Many of them will claim to be but of course will have no certified accreditation, no qualified pharmacists working within the team somewhere behind the site, and no pharmaceutical license and thus should not be allowed to act as an online pharmacy.

It’s often difficult to find these accreditation’s and so it’s difficult to distinguish between the real sites and the fakes.

Another reason, as brought up already, is the ease of which these drugs can be purchased and from then on abused. There is even a risk of perhaps bulk ordering from multiple different sites to sell on in individual circles, under the pretense they are some other class A drug, as a few cases have been reported on already.

I think there’s always going to be a risk with the anonymity and ease with which these online sites offer.