"Vegan Shoes", what the heck?

All it means to say is that something is vegan and that it doesn't contain animal products. Many shoes designed by Nike for example are vegan.
Note: Some would say that a product isn't vegan if it was tested on animals as well, but I don't think shoe companies test on animals for anything, lol.
Okay, I mean it is subjective if you just think that the word itself sounds dumb, but if you agree that the concept isn't dumb at all and that is what the concept we are referring to is called.
Right, so when we say "Vegan Shoes", we are just referring to the concept of a shoe that wasn't made using animal products. We agree that the concept isn't dumb, and we agree that referring to the concept isn't dumb either. Do you think it would be better to go through everything shoes could potentially use from animal products and rule them out?

These non-leather, non-animal based glue, non-fur, non, etc etc shoes.

Dalia Lopez

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I mean it would be more tiring to list everything, yes. But if someone has the time to write all that nutrition fact stuff on food boxes, they damn well have time to label different shoes.
Okay, so it is your position that it is not dumb to list every possible kind of animal product used in shoes and rule them out, but it is dumb to call the shoes "vegan"?

Dalia Lopez

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I mean, generally it would be a lot better to shorten everything down and there are some benefits of calling the shoes 'vegan'.

But it just opens more room for meat eaters to troll vegans.