Unknown diagnosis suspect potential Ehlers-Danlos

Mary Jo

Female, 27 years old
Unknown diagnosis suspect potential Ehlers-Danlos

-Joint pain
-Joint subluxation and luxation
-Chronic fatigue
-Recurrent headaches
-High blood pressure
-Heart arrhythmia
-Bruise easily
-Difficulty healing wounds

+Various OTC Pain medications help some
+When healing often steroids are needed to recover fully
-Pain gets worse with weather changes and cold weather

First symptom which may or may not be related was my heart arrhythmia which was noticed when I was about 5 years old. The excessive bruising was present through all of my childhood but always attributed it to my clumsiness. The joint dislocation and excessive joint pain and headaches all appeared around 15 years old and have progressively gotten worse. Other heart symptoms like BP and angina appeared in the last year.