This Pain Has Caused Me To Collapse A Good Dozen Times

Male, 20 years old.

-irregular heartbeat/heartrate at times of pain
-very rarely, heartrate rises dangerously fast, while at rest. Have recorded it going up to 180bpm, though I believe it has been higher.
-random bouts of pain, directly over/inside my heart.
-can feel like a dull hum of discomfort at times.
-can feel like a sentient knife man doing an Irish jig using my heart as the stage.
-The pain has caused me to collapse a good dozen times
-VERY RARELY, I.E, once, the pain has caused me to lose consciousness.

Symptom Influences:
There have not been any obvious triggers for these pains, as I have had them while at rest, while active, while tired and while fully awake. I have been woken up by these pains, though that has only happened a few times. Doctors could not find any useful information whatsoever over the past several years.

Since I was 11, all the way to present day. The actual heart pains are entirely random, and can disappear for weeks at a time, and can also happen several times a day. It is scary how random it is, as I have many times went months without an issue then suddenly it will happen 12 times in a day, or even as much as 10 times in an hour. The order isn't really mappable, as I've tried to many times.