Symptoms Started 6 Years Ago And Seem To Get Worse Every Year


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21 Male

-constant fog in my brain
-feelings of dissociation/derealization
-inability to concentrate
-poor executive functioning
-constantly spaced out, eyes stare off into space
-dry eyes, dark circles under eyes
-feel weak and tired no matter how much I sleep
-circadian rhythm dysfunction

-slight improvement from prescription stimulants but causes side effects (heart rate increase, lockjaw, etc)
-like 1% improvement on keto diet + intermittent fasting
-sometimes feel better after cycling
-meditation helps a bit to not go insane

Symptoms started ~6 years ago and seem to get worse every year

diagnosed ADHD-PI but doesn't make sense since I didn't have any concentration problems until the brain fog took over my life. Struggled with depression in the past because the brain fog turned me into a zombie/vegetable state. Diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. Had asthma as a child, symptoms are much better now. I also suffer from seasonal affective problems.