Sickle cell anaemia

Did you talk to her doctor? Why do you think it is dangerous?
The effects of sickle cell anemia are significant. Its health effect can be estimated by the criterion of mortality among infants and children under the age of 5 years. Since not all deaths occur in the first year of life, the most objective criterion is mortality under the age of 5 years. Now more and more children affected by this disease survive this five-year critical period, but still, there is a danger of premature death.


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Hi. My eldest daughter was diagnosed with the sickle cell anaemia. I'm already worried. I need a few pieces of advice over the same, please.
Sickle cell anemia can be treated with methods such as bone marrow transplantation, although this surgery is unsafe and not all patients can use it; regular blood transfusion programs can be used in combination with chelated iron therapy for prevention of complications.