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I actually started using this just the other day, before I joined here. While I am not 100% certain this is all legit, it certainly seems to be which helps me. It seems a lot of these places do business between Canada's pharmacies which is likely why you can get better discounts online. Has anyone ever used this site?


I have not used the website, but it is always good to check out for reviews before you buy from any online pharmacy. There is a need to watch out if it is real once all through reviews are full of praise. This is to avoid buying from a store as a result of paid reviews that you've read.


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I have come across the website on more than one occasion with my interaction on health platforms like this. I have managed to use it a couple of times to verify some of the online pharmacy stores I use and it's has been very helpful as far as I can tell. Hopefully, the website would be optimized and updated always to help be very good always at what it does.


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PharmacyChecker is a credible online resource which gives the list of accredited online pharmacies based in different countries mainly Canada and the US. This list can be of great help for those who want to buy meds from safe stores working according to the standards.


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It is such a pity that websites like are not household names while useless apps like Tik-Tok are so popular.