Random twitches in muscles after use

Amir Moody

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20 Male

-muscle fatigue, slight weakness
-Random twitches in muscles after use
-dehydration & constant urination
-loss of appetite

I suspect I had Hypercalcemia from taking way too high of a calcium supplement.
My muscles still ache after 4 days of not taking it so i assume it's due to them not repairing or something.
Started taking magnesium supplement to replace that which I lost during taking this drug (Adcal D3).
My appetite has returned and the dehydration has decreased since stopping the pills.
My fear is that my body won't get better & I'll only get weaker.
I've seen several doctors, one recommended I stop taking the pills, the rest said I was like this because of anxiety, but I wasn't anxious beforehand this started happening.