Pressure against my upper-left teeth

Hey, so I'm mostly over a cold from a couple weeks ago, but still have a bit of lingering congestion today. After blowing my nose, I could feel some air trapped in my lower left sinus that is causing pressure against my upper-left teeth. Sinus pressure has caused me toothaches before, and dental X-rays have shown that my sinuses are particularly close to my teeth which is apparently what causes this. My issue is that this time the pressure has caused some numbness in my teeth on the upper-left half of my mouth, which hasn't happened before. Is this temporary numbness something I should be concerned about? Can it damage my teeth or nerves, or should I just wait for the pressure to go down? I took a shower and a nasal decongestant and the numbness seems to be fading, but I'm not sure if this is something I will need to address with my dentist in the future if not sooner.

Information online only seems to be about numbness caused by tooth decay (serious issue), or pain caused by sinus pressure (not so serious issue). Can't find anything about numbness caused by sinus pressure.

Ambrose Motley

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You need to see a dentist.

I’d make an appointment. Maybe even an emergency or at least an expedited one. Not feeling can cause damage. Don’t know the extent of the numbness but I’d be on the cautious side and make an appointment.
Alright thanks. It's pretty much back to normal now. Didn't go completely numb, but could feel that it was starting to if I put pressure on any of my upper left teeth.