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I have read different PillPack.com reviews but they are quite controversial. So does this online drugstore really deserve our attention?
It does, and I can prove that to you. The website is genuinely accredited by URAC. Simply click on the seal it displays at the bottom of the homepage to verify the genuineness of the seal. Also, they provide security for your details.


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Going to the pharmacy's website to see for yourself sometimes helps. I was impressed by the store's provision of real physical contact information, a rare thing done by fake stores.


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From the little test check which I just carried out on the online pharmacy website using PharmacyChecker.com, it's a good online pharmacy and the few online reviews which I have seen so far seem very real and not cooked up. Cooked up reviews always have a way of sounding funny and completely unbelievable. You can as well make use of PharmacyChecker.com to verify the online pharmacy.


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I did some research on this site too, and my final conclusion was that this site is legit. As mention above by Lavander, the site gives contact information. I could find some complaints as well, but more were on the supporting side. But it would be really good if we can find a person who has used this site, so we can be 100% sure about this site.


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I’ve done quite a bit of research of this particular site and I’m pretty certain sure their safe and give customers a positive experience. Check SafeSite.com if your curious about any sites safety and security. It will have any that are unsafe blacklisted.


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I might advocate PillPack.com to all people, you may not remorse the use of them. There’s always a friendly helpful body of workers if you need to speak to a person.


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The research I have done on PillPack.com points to them being a legit online pharmacy. I would say they are safe to order from.


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PillPack.com is recently I analyzed, I'm afraid, I did not think, their activities were too good... Therefore, it is urged that all be careful before using it.

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I have read different PillPack.com reviews but they are quite controversial. So does this online drugstore really deserve our attention?
I'm impressed by the real customer services offered. Upon calling for an enquiry, it was picked, something I never expected due to my previous experiences. So pillpack.com is an ideal one to give a try.


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I agree with PillPack.com for a number of reasons. It has a valid SSL certificate for more security and that's just one of the reasons. I've also confirmed that it has a very huge number of visitors due to its Alexa Ranking, and counting.


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As far as I can advise, it deserves attention. For me, once you have safe meds, regulatory approvals, real customer feedback, and the right price, you have the right pharmacy.


PillPack.com is okay. However, if you're a first-time buyer from any online pharmacy, you should always be moderate in your purchases. With that said, this only pharmacy is safe, and should not cause you any trouble.


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PillPack.com is wonderful. I have several of my pen friends buying their regular medications from them and they have never had a problem. Once you go PillPack, you usually don't go back, take a chill pill, feel free to order your pack of pills.


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Go for them. They are ok.

If you are someone who doesn't like sorting your meds, PillPack offers home delivery of your meds. And even go the extra mile by sorting the meds and dosage of each med you will take every day for you.