Parents See An Issue But Won't Take Me For A Diagnosis

Camren Wiley

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18 Female


We would be here a while if I had to list every symptom, but the only symptom I do not have is hyperactivity, which may be related to my iron deficiency anaemia and scoliosis (I'm physically limited to what I can do).

My own mother said she suspects that I have ADHD/ADD, but won't take me to get a diagnosis because she thinks I should not take the medication for it. My teachers have also discussed it with her.

I have dealt with the symptoms since elementary (I have always struggled in school) but it has gotten almost unbearable now to the point where I can't even do math homework or an essay unless I get hyper-focused (which is out of my control).

She is a nurse, and my step-dad is a therapist (not a good one), but I can't do anything about it unless I myself get the money to go to the doctor.