Parents Need To Stop Feeding Their Little Ones Vegan Diets


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A 2 year old girl came to the pediatrician will stunted growth, her height was in the 0.4th centile for her age, she weighed 7kg which is half of what a child her age should weigh. Her mother is raising her with a strict vegan diet which she is very adamant to follow. The child cannot walk and after taking her blood and giving her a x-ray she was diagnosed with rickets.

The mother is still adamant to follow a vegan diet for her child even though its effecting her growth and bone health.

This was an interesting case I came across this week and wanted to share and discuss I guess, lol.


Parents that force-feed their children a vegan diet are disgusting, especially during the early stages of their growth.


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I hope that child's bone health elevates to a higher standard, where there is little to no Vitamin D or C in vegetables of vegan diets, so rickets could develop, it is really sad.