One doctor said it could be post viral fatigue


I'm 21 Male, 4 months ago I woke up feeling

- Disorientated/Lightheaded
- Head pressure towards the top of my head(Lasted a month)
- Mental confusion couldn't really process much
- Mild occasional chest pain
- Tight shoulders/Tight chest
- Focus issues
- High blood pressure
- Agitated/Fatigued
- Balance issues

I've been to the doctors many times, but all they could find was high blood pressure which they prescribed me a beta blocker.

I assumed this was alcohol withdrawal, but I had my doubts because I only drank on weekends, and I only had 6 drinks and never had this bad of a reaction before. I quit immediately, but after a month some symptoms subsided while others popped up.

- Balance issues went away
- Some of the mental confusion went away
- Episodes of tinnitus/explosions in my ears started happening until one time it became constant about 30 days in, now it's constant
- "Tension"/Head pressure on top of my head has been constant the full 4 months, but now mainly affects my face. It feels like a dull ache in my forehead, jaw, and sinus, but behind my face if that makes sense

First few months I was convinced that this had something to do with my alcohol consumption, but then I realized I was with my dad who tested positive for COVID all week.

One doctor said it could be post viral fatigue.