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Yes, you are right, I think is great, I bought medicines there and was satisfied with the quality and delivery, there are thousands of people like me who had the same positive experience.
Yes, you are right, they do great things there, my sister testified about them that they are good and I will order some pills from them anytime soon and share with you guys what I experienced.


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Well, the 7000 great customer reviews should tell you that the online pharmacy really knows what they are doing by offering excellent services to their customers which such customers appreciate by giving them so much positive feedback and reviews. These good reviews are more like a sales promotion strategy because once any new customer sees such reviews, he or she will definitely purchase from the online pharmacy.


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Yeah agree on this, this is one of the best online Canadian pharmacies available. Good reputation + good reviews make this site reliable too. One of my friends has used this and is pretty satisfied with the service and quality, so this is also one of the best sites available.


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I love this particular pharmacy. I heard about it through online recommendations of safe sites to purchase through. I’ve always got my order on time and in the correct quantities etc. They don’t ask for any personal info that isn’t necessary and are deemed to be a safe site, which I feel they are form personal experience.


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I checked this site out a few days ago and they are good and I can recommend them to anyone. So, hurry now to and I will post more sites I experience good service here anytime soon. Have a great day everyone.


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I'm also impressed by the genuine CIPA seal, the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia, and the others. A legit website often has clickable seals that lead to the evidence of regulation. I highly endorse!


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I think this is the best Canadian pharmacy where I bought products online. Great reputation with almost 7000 excellent customer reviews!
There are only 71 pharmacies that are approved by CIPA, and this is one of them. Every check for legitimacy (regulation, safety, delivery, reviews, and many more) goes right for you're safe buying from the store.


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My mother always chooses for most of her medications. She got to know about from a friend of hers who used to be in the pharmaceutical industry before. They both are neighbors as well.

I also use but I never tell my mom about it as she will start thinking that I use them for buying viagra and that's what I do. Anyways, is highly responsible for keeping my wife and me happy and I have very high respect towards them for the same.


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I have never used this site before but my friend has. She has gotten some good deals from them and she feels that they are well trusted. And she is very happy with everything she has received from them.


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Wow! I like this website. They have huge positive customer reviews, and they are approved by CIPA and IPABC. Great customer reviews and comments on Trustpilot. This is to drive home the fact that they are safe for you to buy your medicine from. In the midst of many scam online pharmacies, it is a great gem for you to find one that you can trust.


New member reviews are so numerous and positive, they can not be fake. If you are looking for one of the legit online pharmacies, look no further. is the right place for you.