Metapathia GR Headhunter

Hey guys I have a question about this really shady device. its called the Metapathia GR headhunter. This device "supposedly" can scan your RNA/DNA. I thought this machine was woo, but I got hooked up to this machine(you put on headphones) and surprisingly this machine was able to detect and diagnose my sinus problems and lung problems. I was shocked by this. Btw i already knew my condition before I hooked myself up to the machine. And also the machine barely ask you questions. It only ask for your blood type and DOB. I'm so freaked out because this machine should not be able to work. I'm trying to stay as skeptical as possible, I would like to know your thoughts on this. (I AM NOT ASKING FOR MEDICAL ADVICE) I just want to know your thoughts on the machine.
It is bullshit dude. It probably gives a generalised response that’s common for large amount of population. Like sinus problems. It’s called a coincidence. That gets exploited by charlatans.