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Hello, I am a transgender man from North Carolina, who can barely maintain an erection without the use of Sildenafil and Tadalafil. I have never bought any drugs online. What do you think of Should I order from them?
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I have seen that's advertisement on the television and it reminds me of my most favorite comedian and perhaps the only favorite comedian - Jackie Mason's vlog about how tired he is of watching the advertisements for viagra all the time on television and because of such advertisements, he prefers to not watch any TV while eating or drinking something.

Anyways, I have never bought viagra online but looking at their TV ad, website, address, etc, I would trust them if I had to buy some.


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I don't trust any pharmacy that sells nothing but generic drugs, especially if they mainly sell online, which this's founder claim is not the case with them.

Anyways, I have only brought and used brand drugs all my life and I would advise you to stay away from, because the owner himself has an aneurysm (as mentioned on's official Newswire), which is mostly caused by taking generic viagras, according to prominent physicians like Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

I would advise you to only buy brand viagra in order to live a sexually healthy and happy life.


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I am a 6'2" guy who walks down the streets of his neighborhood oozing machismo like Razor Ramon, but nobody can apparently ever have an idea that I suffer from a chronic erectile dysfunction, thanks to, because of them, I have been living a happy life with my dedicated homemaker wife who doesn't have an idea that I suffer from a chronic ED.

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I am a woman with a very high sex drive, so I don't need to buy anything from for myself. I have shortlisted them for when my husband gets older, I have checked several viagra websites in the past, but this is really something distinct. The way they have presented themselves on the Social Media (Facebook and Twitter), their attractive TV ad by the owner himself, it is magic.


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I don't generally trust websites that sell viagra, but I would trust for the fact that apart from having a cool, professional and legit looking website, they have a television advertisement where the owner himself is the host, they have been registered online for over 12 years (the website was created in 2007), they have a physical address that looks totally legitimate, they don't have a single negative review on Google Maps.

I couldn't find a single person on the internet that referred to them as a scam and believe me, I tried hard on it.


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Well, good old Red Bull does the job for me each time when it comes to making love to my same old wife and my little friend is not in its full mood, but if you are a viagra dude, then seems to be definitely one of the best options out there.

I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I and I might perhaps pay a visit to their brick and mortar pharmacy today and give the viagra the first try in my life entire life tonight. You guys really made me think of buying and using a viagra for the first time.

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I personally do not trust any online pharmacy that doesn't have Norton Shopping Guarantee, no matter how trustworthy it appears otherwise. But if I am conditioned to buy viagra from a US-based website that doesn't have a Norton Shopping Guarantee, I would definitely go for for the way that they have presented themselves and the quick delivery time that they offer.


New member is a safe and legit website, period. With that said, what I like even more about is their program for the employers. They really have a smart scheme for the employers to save money, but I don't think that they have been able to attract many businesses/employers as they sell only a total of 400 drugs and with that, I don't believe that they can serve any major employer/business. I believe that they need to have at least 2000 of those in order to attract major employers.

Perhaps, their image of primarily being a viagra seller is coming in their way of attracting the employers. I am not sure. But I am sure that their special annual offer for employers is one of the best in the entire USA.


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It is a pity that doesn't sell flibanserin (viagra for women). If they did, I would buy from nowhere else but them, as my ageing husband always buys his Tadalafil from and can never get enough of complimenting them. I am also much thankful to them for saving my marriage and my kids from getting separated from their dad.

I say that it is a pity that they don't sell flibanserin because I am too shy to buy it from a brick-and-mortar store and I am forced to buy it from different online pharmacies that cannot be trusted at all. Sometimes they don't send me anything, sometimes they do, sometimes it feels like they sent a fake drug (which really scares me) and whatnot.

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Hello, I am a transgender man from North Carolina, who can barely maintain an erection without the use of Sildenafil and Tadalafil. I have never bought any drugs online. What do you think of Should I order from them?
Sure you should, at least give it a try. It has a mixed reaction from the customers. So go for it. All the best!


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There is no denying that is the result of an extraordinary effort, but I cannot stand the fact that they overly brag about how they are not another online pharmacy but a real-life brick and mortar store that has been doing the world a favour by selling their drugs online. It really sounds too arrogant to me. Yes, there are plenty of scammers operating online in the pharmacy arena, and it really helps the consumer and the merchant when they make it clear to them that they aren't one of those, but they shouldn't sound arrogant doing that.


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There is no doubt about being a genuine website. It goes without saying that they are 100% legit, but they are clearly overpriced. They have been clearly taking advantage of the reputation that they have built over the years and also making the customer pay for their TV advertisements and other gimmicks/promotions.

I get Tadafil and Sildenafil for a far lower price at my nearby Walmart compared to what sells it for.

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Dave Marley sounds like a narcissist both in his TV advertisement and on his website's Newswire. He literally overemphasizes on the benefits of buying and using generic drugs. The only benefit that generic drugs serve in reality is that they come cheaper than the brand drugs, but they are far less effective than the brand drugs, but Dave Marley acts in his TV ads like the opposite is true.

Also, Dave's claim that sells the drugs at the cheapest prices is a false one.


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I am a regular viagra buyer and although I very much want to buy with MarleyDrug, I cannot, because I live right next door to them and I don't want them to know that I need viagra to get hard.

With that said, I find it pretty hard to find a reliable online source for viagra since they disabled the sellers from selling viagra on eBay US. I travel all the way to the neighbouring town of Clemmons just to buy some viagra.


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I remember meeting the founder of - Dave Marley, back in 2017, at a dinner party. It wasn't a pleasant meeting. He is an extremely judgmental narcissist who would argue rudely with you if your political views oppose that of his.

I had seen him in the TV ad of Marley Drug and I remembered well what the ad was all about and that was the reason enough for me to act like I didn't know who he was. Because I didn't want anybody to know that I take an interest in the advertisements for viagra.

The old man came in a luxury car to the party and was fancying an expensive watch, suit and boots. The old man has definitely made a great amount of $$$ selling viagra.

With all that said, every genuine user here who has used Marley Drug will tell you to go for them as they are 100% legit and a proven company.

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I have used twice and the thing that is bad about this is that I would have used them even more if I could see without having an account with them what drugs they do carry. You first need to have an account with them, then only can you see what drugs other than viagra they do have, which is too 1990s.

Anyways, if you are from North Carolina and looking to buy some viagra online, there is no better choice than them. Don't risk your health with some other online pharmacy which might send you some fake drugs. is an honest company although a weird one, go for it.

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New member is a legit site as far as I know. It has a valid physical address and a telephone and other contact information as well. And I think there are good buyer reviews as well. Most of the users here too confirmed it, so we can say this is legit.
But better to contact them and get more info before ordering.


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All things considered, old fashioned Red Bull carries out the responsibility for me each opportunity with regards to having intercourse to my regular old spouse and my little companion isn't in its full state of mind, yet on the off chance that you are a viagra buddy, at that point, is by all accounts unquestionably perhaps the best choice out there.

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Hello, I am a transgender man from North Carolina, who can barely maintain an erection without the use of Sildenafil and Tadalafil. I have never bought any drugs online. What do you think of Should I order from them?
It's a safe online pharmacy, so please go ahead and order your drugs from them. Legitscript declared them a certified safe online pharmacy.