Legal ways to generate a doctor's prescription?


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I’m in desperate need of some meds for my son and I wondered if there was any way to legally get a doctor's prescription without having to visit a doctor? I’m not able to take time off work to visit the doctor and I’m really worried about my son's health.


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Despite there actually being sites available to buy printable doctors prescriptions and to access prescription templates, as well as there being online prescription creators, all are highly illegal.

There are 5 levels of severity, 1 being the most severe and 5 the least. Schedule 1 and 2 that are second-degree felonies can carry up to 20 years in prison and $10,000 fines.

So don’t risk doing anything with fake doctors' prescriptions!


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There’s no legal way to generate a fake prescription online. This is simply to protect people prescribing themselves narcotics of medicines they are using recreationally and could overdose on. Also, doctors want to make sure they get paid- fake prescriptions avoid them getting their paycheck. Don’t buy fake prescription templates or sign up to any fake prescription generator tools as even being associated with this kind of illegal activity could be picked up by law enforcement. There are plenty of sites to get online prescriptions safely. Check out Babylon or Pharmacy4u.


I’ve used Pharmacy4U before and have had a really positive experience with them. They were really helpful and easy to talk to. They also responded really quickly to any and all questions I had and my prescription really fast. This was a big help as I needed it within a short time frame before going on holiday.


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This is basically to ensure individuals endorsing themselves opiates of drugs they are utilizing recreationally and could overdose on. Likewise, specialists need to ensure they get paid-counterfeit solutions keep away from them getting their check. Try not to purchase counterfeit solution formats or sign up to any phoney remedy generator instruments as being related with this sort of criminal behaviour could be gotten by law requirement. There are a lot of destinations to get online remedies securely.