Is this Sleep Apnea?

Adyson Mueller

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I go to bed around 11 pm, I have rain noises playing and I've no trouble falling asleep but I wake up two hours later at 1 pm, the sleep was dreamless and seamless like I blinked. I go back to sleep after 30 minutes of stressing about how I don't know what woke me up and other various life issues. I sleep and wake up again around 3-4, had a very haunting nightmare that the various details slip from my mind as I wake up more, I'm sweaty and notably out of breath? I calm myself and go back to sleep after 30 minutes of being awake. My teeth feel loose and my jaw is slightly sore? I go back to sleep and wake up around 6, another nightmare, different than the first and stressful, incredibly vivid and I recall each detail for about 30 minutes after I wake up until it fades away. I go back to sleep, I wake up at 7-8 and I decide that's enough for me as I'm awoken by another strange nightmare. I contemplate my loose front teeth and decide to go get coffee.

(I apologize for the length of this but I wanted to be thorough!) Each time I wake up I'm notably slightly out of breath, id just like to note it. I barely move in my sleep, but I do sweat. I wake up my heart racing and I'm confused where I am momentarily upon waking about three times a night

Does this sound like it could be sleep apnea and my feeling of fear and stress in my sleep is because of lack of oxygen?

I can only sleep 2-3 hours at a time, never any longer, I don't think I've had actual rem sleep in five years.
Sleep apnea is when the air ways get blocked due to your throat muscles like, relaxing back too far, making your breathing stop, and if it happens often enough you wake up or just wake up too many times. And the whole teeth and jaw thing sounds like you might be grinding your teeth, and a cheap mouth guard could help meant for that kind of thing (if that's the case).

You could have sleep apnea along with other things, because all of that does not sound just like sleep apnea.

Camren Wiley

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Can only sleep apnea cause bad sleep? Like when you sleep really long but still feel bad. or can other things cause that too?