Is there any way to check if an online pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist working on the team?


Generally, what I believe that you should be looking for is to find out whether the particular online pharmacy is actually licensed to operate legally. Once you have been able to confirm that information, I'm very convinced that there wouldn't be any need to worry about the pharmacist working for the online pharmacy as they must have met all requirements before they are given license to operate. You can use to get such information.


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Before buying anything from an online pharmacy I always go to They allow you to search all legally certified pharmacies to see their license. If the pharmacy you are searching is not on their site, it’s most likely that they do not have a legally licensed pharmacy operation and should be avoided.


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Currently, there is no way to check for this information. I suppose you should trust that the pharmacist is a license holder if he/she is working for a legit online pharmacy.

When you find a pharmacy you can trust, there is usually no need to worry about whether they have a licensed pharmacist or not. If this is your first time visiting the pharmacy, you can use MHRA, CIPA or FDA official websites to find a list of approved online pharmacies for your state.