Is there a generic of Lyrica?


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First of all, I'm so sorry that your sister is suffering from this nerve pain and to be honest with you, there is a generic prescription that was approved by FDA this year known as Gabapentin. I know that there are others, but this one has been proven to work better than the rest. It's a bit cheaper than Lyrica as well.


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Is there a generic version of Lyrica? I was recently told my sister was prescribed this but it is very expensive. She was told that there is not a generic for it, but I wanted to double-check as they had told her at the pharmacy before this for a different drug and there was a generic for it.
The analogs of the Lyrica include drugs released by other manufacturers under a different trade name, or containing another active substance, but having a similar or similar therapeutic effect. These are Phenibut, Noofen, Anvifen, Seyzar, Lamitor, and Gabagamma.