Is it true that I should be looking for online pharmacies that end in .pharmacy?


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The core observation that you should make is ensuring that you buy from the one that is registered and got some nice reviews as well! I will always advise that you check out the Https of the website to be sure that it is secured and safe. There is a link on the online pharmacy section where links that are helping to get drugs were penned down. Check it out.

Kiarah Ochoa

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The domain "ending" doesn't matter, unless it affects your access to the website. What matters is if the underlying online pharmacy is legitimate, which is also determined by a lot of factors.


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That's not absolutely true. The domain has gone nothing to do with the genuineness of the drugs or the online pharmacy itself. Any online pharmacy can choose any domain they wish but that's can't possibly be a yardstick to measure their performance or their legitimacy.


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Actually, a scam or fake online pharmacy can be set up to end with the domain. pharmacy, it's simply a thing of choice. So, the most important thing is to do would be to look out for the red flag signs which indicates that any particular online pharmacy is fake or legit. There are so many online platforms where you can input any online pharmacies you wish to use and get more information on its legitimacy. is a very good example of such a platform.