Is it safe to order medicines from online pharmacies??


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Yes, it is pretty much safe to order medicines online. The major concern while buying medicines online is a genuine factor. Although, it must be noted that the guidelines for selling medicines online have more strict guidelines and policies than for selling through counters. So, always go for trustworthy sites with an ample amount of feedback prevailing. Keeping in mind that the license of the online medicine store can be canceled any time by the authorized departments, most of the pharmacies needs its users to upload a prescription to order medicines. So, users get the same medicine they ordered and not the medicines what they want to sell ( generic medicines are comparatively of lower cost and fetch a greater margin to the sellers). As an added benefit, all the medicines sold online come with a discounted value, which usually cannot be availed at any physical store in the market. These features make online purchases of medicines preferable in addition to being completely safe.


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A regular pharmacy requires a doctor’s prescription and has a pharmacist available either in person or by phone to answer any questions about a prescription. An online pharmacy that does not request a doctor’s prescription and cannot provide a person to speak with can be an indicator of a fraudulent site. A pharmacist is necessary to advise of any potential side effects of medications or interactions with other prescriptions. In one recent case, Alli, a popular weight loss tablet, was being sold online to customers, but these customers were receiving a counterfeit product that did not contain the active ingredient orlistat. Instead, the fake pill contained sibutramine, a controlled substance that needs to be monitored by a physician because of its potentially harmful interactions with other medications. Pros and Cons are everywhere.


This highly depends on the source from your buying. Not all online pharmacies are fake but the likelihood is that there. One has got to make certain before buying. There are certain things that you simply can check to understand whether web pharmacy are often trusted or not!

• Check Store Authenticity
Know whether the shop you’re getting to buy from is Authentic or not. you'll check their Registration ID, undergo Customer Reviews. this may assist you to get you a summary of the pharmacy.

• Avoid Fishy Discounts
You might encounter sites which supply ridiculously high discounts, their might high chance which may be selling fake or cheap medicines. Offering unrealistic discounts is simply how to draw in people.

• Pay Attention To Payment Method
Check whether are employing a secure and encrypted payment method. Do some research on those they're using. I even have doubts or smell something wrong, just back off!

• Check Stores Presence
Do they need a physical address on their website? Do they need a support email? Is there a consumer forum? What’s the market value? Are there any customer reviews?

Buying medicine online is convenient, easy and hassle-free but you've got to be alert and follow the above tips. once more, It highly depends on the source you’re buying from! Stay Safe and Secure.


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Millions of people order for their pills today through the online pharmacy for so many reasons such as the drugs being cheaper and also for convenience, anonymity etc. As long as the online pharmacy is approved by CIPA and NABP as well as other regulatory bodies, it's absolutely safe to buy from the online pharmacy.


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I have ordered countless drugs from a safe online pharmacy and it's been a great experience for me so. Some people who aren't careful get caught up a fake online pharmacy and they have fake pills sold them. When you are not being careful with the online pharmacy you order from, it tends to turn into a bad experience.


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Protect your self and your family by using caution when shopping for medicines online. There are many pharmacy websites that operate legally and provide convenience, privacy, and safeguards for buying medicines. Medicines sold from these web sites can be dangerous and might also put your health at risk.
If they operate legally and provide convenience, privacy, and the rest you've listed, why do you demonize them again?


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Yes, it's very safe to order medicines from online pharmacies as far as you are using the right pharmacy.

Before ordering online, make sure you make some research about the online pharmacy to know if they are legally operating and as well check their reviews. To know what people are saying about them.