Is it a HIPAA violation if a doctor checks your pharmacy records?


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As long as the doctor remains ethical in his handling of your pharmacy records or any other health information, I don't seem any violation because whatever information he's got about your health situation would be to help offer you the best service.

During one of the medical check-up, the hospital doctor did ask me some questions about the kind of drugs that I used to take with regards to why I came for a check-up. So, it's a normal thing.


If you had access to your patient's pharmacy records, you can access them to help you make an informed medical decision on your patient. But, you must keep this information private, and avoid sharing it with friends or family members.
You are right @johnsms as the part where the doctors should keep every detail a secret is what matters most. I have seen patients sue their health consultants for revealing some key details of their medical history and that is what we should frown at.