Is erectile dysfunction curable?


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I wonder is erectile dysfunction curable?
In many cases, yes, erectile dysfunction may be reversed. A research released in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported a remission rate of 29 percent after five years. It is important to note that even when an ED cannot be healed, proper therapy can decrease or eliminate symptoms.


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I wonder is erectile dysfunction curable?
Just the other day my friend came to me crying. Her husband has an ED problem. We were trying to find a cure for him. The most annoying thing the bastard is still cheating. A serial cheating ED scumbag idiot! Let his ED remain permanet is the only solution we pray for.


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Yes, I cured mine with Chinese herbs and supplements.
That's good news! I have a friend from South Carolina that hasn't got a cure for it and it's not really good. How can I get the name of the herbs you used for him?