In what way do serotonin modulators differ from reuptake inhibitors?


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I've never heard the term serotonin modulator before. But according to Wikipedia, serotonin modulators are reuptake-inhibitors that also bind to serotonin-receptors (agonistic or antagonistic).

Especially for antidepressants of the SRI type which are also inhibiting some serotonin-receptor subtypes.
I am not surprised that I don't know the term, I also haven't heard of those drugs yet. Vilazodone, Vortioxetine.


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What @Zebra said is right, but the term*serotonin modulator alone doesn't imply reuptake inhibition, so the term serotonin modulator and stimulator is used.

Serotonin modulator can mean lots of things.


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But I’d argue this could be achieved better with 5-ht2a. And mianserin has lower affinity to H1 relative to mirtazapine.