I'm a dentist myself but I wanted some advice


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Hey everyone. I'm a dentist myself but I wanted some advice. How often can we use electric toothbrushes? Can we use them on regular basis?


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Yeah, there is no problem or thesis for using electric toothbrush for long term as far as I know.


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@Jordan88 Yo! Mr Dentist. I have a question: Can I rinse my teeth around with hydrogen peroxide? The bottle says to mix 1 part water with 1 part peroxide, is it safe to use this as a whitening rinse?

Antoine Ho

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I hate electric toothbrushes! They make my gums bleed and then I have bad breath!!
How long have you been using it? Perhaps you just started and didn't get used to it, you could try using an electric brush in the morning but a usual one before going to bed. And it's important not to touch gums when you brush your teeth.