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Is it scam or legit?

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Have anyone in the forum used this site to get medications? Most of the reviews say that the site could be a scam, please share your experiences.


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No, this site is a scam, most of the reviews about this site are bad reviews, the appearance itself looks scam to me. I haven't ordered from this site, yet I am sure this is a scam.


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This site has no approval from CIPA or any other authority, and it is labeled as a rogue site. The prices of medications are much lower than regular rates, that is really surprising. Most of the products they promote are not approved by the FDA or any other authorized person. Most review sites have negative comments about this site indicating this is a scam site. So do not use this site, search for a trusted alternative.


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Bad reviews, no approval from any authorized organization, products sold at a low cost when compared to other sites, no physical address and the telephone is not working..... This is a scam site, and do not order from this site.


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I did some googling about this site, and I could come to the conclusion that the site is a scam. scamorlegit.com says it has a 10% trust level, trust score of scam adviser is 0%, and other review sites support the idea. It further says whois does not provide any info about the owner, and no location of the business is given too. So I guess we stay away from this site, the better.


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Most people are saying that this site is scam and also telling about the fake website. Can anybody give me some more proves?


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@matt786 the trust score in scamadviser is not 0%, it is mentioned as 0% or less in other review sites, I think the trust score has increased in the past few days. But according to many review sites, the reviews are against the site. But now I am confused. If anyone has used this site, please share it.


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I think this site is a scam because many sites have bad ratings, but there are not many reviews written about this site, I think this is not very popular, then we could suspect this is a scam. Scam or legit, I guess its better to keep away until someone who has used this site would share their experiences.


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In my opinion, this site is a scam site, the reviews and ratings on review sites are not much approving. But I can't be sure 100% though, but as there are many other sites available, better to use an alternative.