How to distinguish between manipulated and genuine reviews?


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Do you know any tips on how to verify the authenticity of pharmacy reviews posted on their own websites?

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It is always not easy to distinguish between paid reviews and the one that is real. The thing is that any online pharmacy that is desperate can pay writers for such services. However, watch out for complaints in the reviews, if there is none, then you can check elsewhere as that is not a good way to decide.


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Scam pharmacies often share the same reviews which they copy from replicas. So you can copy a few sentences and paste them into google search and then see pages with the same testimonials.


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Often fake reviews will say very generic things or be hyping up the product or service with no validation or hint of customer experience. There are also sites that you can enter the URL for the site and the reviews can be analyzed to see if they were written under the same WiFi router, i.e, by the same person.


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Stalk the person on social media and ask them if they really put that review. Joking!


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I have seen online pharmacies with hundreds/thousands of reviews and each review would start with "I love". I guess these were all fake reviews.


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Not true in today's time. The scammers have gotten far smarter now. They don't make such silly mistakes anymore.
Not all scammers are that smart. They still make such silly mistakes which mostly comes out of their lack of patience.
There's one site I've stopped trusting because of ends in "pilot" and had part of the 6th word mentioned in this sentence.

It's gotten incredible hard to distinguish between the fakes and the real ones because scammers are getting really good. One thing I do is, try to look at the sentence structure for grammatical errors and mispelled words. I look at their avatars because some of those avatars literally scream....this is totally fake!

I also look at the length of the review and the emotion they put into it. When you're happy or satisfied with something, it's gonna show in your writing. Likewise, when you're angry, it's gonna show. This requires a little more effort and isn't always easy. I also tend to start with the 3 star reviews (if they rate this way), since those are more neutral but here's where I learn just how bad the fakes are. It'll be 3 star review saying...Awesome guy, great stuff. Totally try them!....I know then, 95% of the reviews are fake because rating something 3 stars, yet saying how awesome it is, attempts to balance out the overall score so things won't look so questionable.

When you've got people leaving awesome 2 and 3 star reviews, to balance everything out, then you most certainly know the place is crawling with people leaving fake 4 and 5 star reviews!