How do 'highs' differ from drug to drug?


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I know marijuana highs are basically a feeling of being calm but party drugs used in raves and so on have a different effect, right? Anyone care to explain?
It depends on the part of the brain that the active content of marijuana acts upon, according to Western studies. After experimenting with rats, the researchers found out that marijuana acts on different parts of the brain, and it depends on the part that it has acted upon on an individual.


It depends on whether the drug is a suppressant or a stimulant. Suppressant block neurotransmitters for moving from synapse to synapse along your nerves, therefore inhibiting the transmission of the nerve impulse and leaving you feeling numb, which can be a very calming experience. A stimulant does the opposite, in that the drug will mirror the composition of neurotransmitters and thus cause overstimulation of synapses along the nerves and create a euphoric high.


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It relies upon the piece of the mind that the dynamic substance of pot follows upon, in step with Western examinations. while exploring different avenues regarding rodents, the scientists understood that cannabis follows up on totally various parts of the cerebrum, and it relies upon a large portion of that it's followed up on a private.

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Marijuana is a highs and lows drug depending on the usage of it. The reason it highs people in the party is because of the drinks and other alcohol that is being taken. Different body systems also respond to different high drugs which makes some to be calm and others high.
Such an expository reply. I don't take Marijuana but I noticed this in certain people that do.