How do fruit and veg reduce colorectal cancer risk?

Ella Gardner

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I'm beginning to wonder if there is a high possibility or fruits and vegetable replacing the use of drugs when it comes to health matters because I think this could just be the missing score when it comes to human health generally how can we begin to combat terminal diseases and other forms of disease and infections with our daily food insect such as fruits and vegetables and when I talk about the fruit I don't mean chemicalized fruit drinks, I'm a natural fruit press of fruit drinks. Let me know what you think in the comment section will be glad to learn from you all.



Cancer isn't a contagion. It occurs thanks to the incorrect lifestyle.

veg and fruits contain fibre and this fibre activates elimination. If we eat cakes, biscuits, noodles, etc. with almost zero fiber, formation of motion is a smaller amount and since of this, we tend to travel to restroom infrequently. this might be the rationale for colorectal cancer. We, at natural lifestyle, advise a minimum half kg of veg and early dinner of only fruits. Veg contains about 3 to 4 gm of fibre on average and helps in elimination. Fruits have dissolved fibre and I also helps

we at natural lifestyle, advise elimination at least two times a day and avoid biscuits, etc. These are made from maida which has almost zero fibre. The pizza base is also fro maida.