How can I get anti-depression medicine without a doctor's prescription?


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How can I get anti-depression medicine without a doctor's prescription? Is there any kind of anti-depression medicine for sale without a doctor's prescription?
You can buy Zoloft, which is considered to be a highly effective broad-spectrum antidepressant, on this site without a prescription But there is another, much safer way to order anti-depression meds from LemonaidHealth but you will have to pay for a prescription. I advise you to get a prescription online after consulting a doctor because antidepressants are very strong drugs with multiple side effects, so the choice of pills and dosage is of great importance.


You won’t be able to get any drugs without a prescription that you legally need one for.

But here are a few things you can do that have the same effect as other medicines and that are beneficial.

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It has a long history of usage, going back to ancient times. In the modern world, it has become a popular depression remedy as well, backed by increasing support in the medical literature, based on a review published in 2019.1

Its reported side effects are uncommon and rare, including dry mouth, dizziness, constipation, gastrointestinal symptoms, and confusion. It can also interact with certain other medications. Experts also recommend the usage of sunscreen with this herb due to the potential for creating sun sensitivity.2

Dosages used in studies have been quite variable and are dependent upon the formulation of the herb or its extracts. You should follow the package directions for your particular brand of product.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for health; but, since our bodies can't make them from scratch, they must be obtained from the foods that we eat. Unfortunately, we tend to not eat enough of these in order to maintain a proper balance in our bodies, which is believed to contribute to depression and other health issues. However, a review published in 2017 says that while promising, the research results on omega-3 fatty acids for depression are mixed.3

While omega-3 fatty acid supplements, generally derived from fish oil, are considered to be quite safe, some people may experience stomach upset and fishy burps with higher doses. In addition, doctors warn that they may increase the effects of blood-thinning medications.4

No particular dosage is recommended at this time for depression. The FDA recommends not going over 3 g per day without your doctor's permission due to a potentially increased risk for bleeding.4

For those who opt to eat fish rather than take a supplement, the American Heart Association recommends two servings of fish per week for general health, which could be taken as good minimum consumption level.


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5-HTP, or 5-hydroxytryptophan, is an amino acid that our body makes from a dietary amino acid called l-tryptophan. Since it can be made into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is believed to be involved in mood-regulation, it is thought that it can be supplemented in pill form in order to help depression.5

While better-quality studies are needed to firmly establish its effectiveness as an antidepressant, a 2019 review says there is some evidence that 5-HTP supplementation, along with creatine, may improve the effectiveness of SSRI medications in some cases.6 However, it's essential that you speak with your doctor before adding this or any other supplement to your treatment program.

It is generally safe and well-tolerated, although side effects can occur and there are concerns that it could lead to a dangerous build-up of high serotonin levels if it is used in conjunction with other medicines that impact serotonin


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I stumbled on a post online that says there is a danger that, in some people, antidepressant treatment will cause an increase, rather than a decrease, in depression. I don't know how true this is but how does one know if depression is taking over him or her and crashing his health and can drug really help suppress or cure depression?


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Depression is usually a matter of people's mind, if any problem is positive, depression will be alleviated. I should not think of taking any medicine for depression, and it is important to take a doctor's advice, as there are many side effects of the medicine.