Generics everywhere?


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Most drug types will have multiple generic and store own brands, such as painkillers by own brand Walmart. Although some pharmaceutical companies will have spent millions of dollars and man-hours into developing their own patented product for which other companies and stores can’t copy or make their own version of due to the obtained trademark.


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It's always pharmaceutical companies that are in charge of manufacturing generic drugs with the view of making the drugs easily accessible in terms of cost to patients who can't afford the brand drugs. There are top 5 pharmaceutical companies that manufacture generic drugs. Read the article below to learn more about them.



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High classified drugs such as HIV drugs don't have a generic version of it. Also, vaccines don't have their generic versions as pharmaceutical companies that make these drugs have the sole right to do so.
I never knew this before. Meanwhile, I think it's because these drugs are mostly offered for free by most governments. Therefore, the generic manufacturers won't make a profit if they produce generic versions.
Most medication types will have numerous conventional and store possess brands, for example, painkillers by claim brand Walmart. Albeit some pharmaceutical organizations will have burned through a large number of dollars and work hours into building up their own protected item for which different organizations and stores can't duplicate or make their own form of because of the acquired trademark.