Generating a fake prescription online

Have you ever considered generating a fake prescription online?

  • Yes, I don't want to spend money on doctor's visits

    Votes: 10 19.6%
  • Yes, but I'm not sure how to do it right

    Votes: 17 33.3%
  • No, I'd better consult a doctor online or make an appointment

    Votes: 26 51.0%

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I have had such thoughts, but the issue is that I have no clue how to do it right. Will really appreciate, if any member of the forum will give me a clue of how such is done.


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Technology has made it possible to speak to a doctor online. This is better for me than self medication. Honestly speaking, one needs to have a medical consultation before ordering a drug as that will give you a clue of what is really wrong and how to go about it.


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Truly, I think that its hard to confide in a virtual specialist. A large portion of the ones I've had encounters with haven't been so encouraging. That is to say, some pose inquiries that don't sound professional. Technology has made it conceivable to address a specialist on the web. This is preferable for me over a self drug. Truly, one needs to have a therapeutic counsel before requesting a medication as that will provide you some insight into what is truly off-base and how to go about it.


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I’ve had professional experiences with and Both allow generating online prescriptions after describing your symptoms to a doctor through a virtual appointment. I do feel the anonymity can be great, if you’ve got symptoms you’re not wanting to share with a stranger, but can also make it feel slightly impersonal sometimes.


Member is another sure where you get a prescription online after talking to a doctor virtually which is a feature of this site I love. They’ll put you in contact with a doctor who’ll then approve your request and send you a prescription for your request to print at home. You can then take it to your local pharmacist to collect your prescription.


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The question would be why should I go to the extent of generating fake doctors prescription for medications that I would use for my treatment when I can easily get a free prescription online from online pharmacies willing to offer such services in order to lure one to purchase from them? I rather use online pharmacies that offer free prescriptions than go to get fake prescriptions.


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I will like to generate a fake prescription and will appreciate learning how to do it. This is one sure way that I am going to make things work. By generating a fake prescription, I can be able to buy drugs with ease from online pharmacies.


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Seriously, I have given generating fake prescriptions online for more than one occasion but to be honest with you, it's not for me to actually make use of it but just to have the knowledge of how it's done for record-keeping. For the record, I do take my health very seriously which is practically the reason why I wouldn't use the fake prescription but for those making use of it, I'm not judging.


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It will really save a lot of money if you could make a fake prescription instead of going to a doctor. Actually I have no clue how it is done, but I might fake a prescription to get a drug that I have been using for some time and I am sure that it is fine to use it this time too. But I don't recommend anyone to google symptoms or guess the disease and generate a fake prescription to get a drug. Always be safe when you are dealing with medicine.


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I think it is better to consult a doctor no matter it costs you a lot of money. Because I don't like to take a risk when dealing with medications. The medication you are faking a prescription might be the same the doctor prescribed earlier, but who knows the doctor might change it if you see him again, or if you googled symptoms and prescribed a medication for yourself, it might be very dangerous. So I do not encourage to fake a prescription.

Pedro Frost

Why in the world would someone wish to joke with his life and heath by looking at generating fake prescriptions? I think such a person should have himself or herself properly checked out because it's not a normal thing to do.


No, but sometimes I might so because then I'll save doctors fee...😏, but I will make sure that I will do so for minor conditions such as common cold, etc., or else I might end up in a different situation is I mess up with my medications.