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Nathaniel Norman

New member
Have anyone used this site?? is this a scam??
some sites say that the site is unsafe, I just wanna be sure... could be a villain on-line apothecary's shop that’s advisedly attempting to deceive the shoppers by commerce poor quality medications. Thus, you're powerfully suggested to avoid this platform and don't ever conceive to purchase their medications. Now, you'll be able to reveal a lot of details concerning this pharmacy web site within the below sections.


New member
I do advise not to use this site to order medications of any kind. This site has been flagged as rogue by many review sites and I personally do not like the way it looks like, it has a look of a fake site. The reviews about the site are not good and not many reviews are available. Unfortunately, I do not have first-hand experience dealing with this site, but I strongly recommend not to use this site.


New member
@loisequintana, what you say is correct, but at least the site must have valid identification (i.e. a physical address, accepted by a legal authority, have a valid telephone/fax, etc). The fact is we must be very careful when dealing with medications, if we get low-quality medications, it might cause severe side effects or even death. A newly started site is hard to make its way up, but time, if they have proved to be legit, gradually it will gain popularity. But it's not an easy task.
Must be a good place to get my sexual meds. My fiance will be in trouble 😉.