Don't buy drugs from road sellers


Always buy medicine from trusted pharmacies or from trusted sites, fake sites and sometimes road sellers may sell expired or low-quality drugs which will make you feel no better but worse. The local pharmacy is the best place to buy medications, trusted legit online pharmacy sites are too good.


Dear, it is very dangerous for buying drugs from drug road sellers. Most of the drugs that people are selling are fake drugs. I can attest to that.

My neighbor falls a victim, she bought the drugs at a cheaper rate thinking that she had won the lottery not knowing that they sold expired drugs to her.


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I once tried that but it ended in tears. I was given expired drugs which I didn't notice until I got home. The funniest part is that these drugs are very cheap to buy. But that is not the main point here, it's dangerous to the body system. It destroys our body organs. Please we should stop buying from them.