Domain name registrars and safe pharmacies


New member
An online pharmacy domain name can literally be anything, the most important thing would be to have such domain well set up and with Secure Socket Layer active always should there be the need for customers to pay online using their credit card. This would help to protect their data from hackers.

Skye Lam

New member
So you think that the domain name registrar of an online pharmacy has an impact on that pharmacy's legitimacy?
No, it's not. The most important and impacting thing or step to take is getting the online pharmacy registered with all the online pharmacy regulatory agencies.

Clay L Kent

New member
It is not always that a pharmacy with a good domain name registrar is a legit one. But you can use it to get a rough idea.

Rebecca Greig

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No, I don't think domain name registrar impacts on the online pharmacy legitimacy. Domain set up is not enough because the one who really want to scam you will go to any lengths to get what they want.
Exactly, perfectly set up domain can be a good smokescreen designed to deceive you and scan you.