Does treatment of vomiting depend on the cause?

Yes, definitely, wherever possible, treating the cause is the goal.

For example, sea sickness. That's the signal coming from the nucleus ventribularis (in the inner ear). You can treat that with something else, but an H1-Antagonist (like diphenhydramine) or scopolamine would target the origin of the signal.

There is also -nausea and vomiting of pregnancy -Hyperemesis gravidarum -chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (earlier stages Ondansetron, later Aprepitant) not an extensive list.
Hmm, I think there are no meds with scopolamine (sea sickness) out there. At least google shopping only gives me diphenhydramine containing products.

Maia Sweeney

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Scopolamine is transdermal patches. so if searching for oral will not show anything on Google and usually by prescription in almost every country.
Oh! They need a prescription? That's why I didn't get any results.

Thanks for the information.

Although I saw someone selling it without any prescription on the eBay multiple times.
That is not even off-label. That is plain drug abuse. But you can't do that shenanigans with patches. You would need dozens or hundreds of patches and it would take quite long time to achieve such effects.

It is not as practical as blowing crushed powder in someone's face.

Maia Sweeney

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Atropine is the hallucinogenic, not scopolamine. The most you get from overuse of scop patches is lethargy and sedation, cheyne-stokes respiration so on.