Dental Patient Turned Into A Cyberpunk Character

Initially they did only frontals, then the patient complained "So how do I chew?" So they added ones in the back. Seems excessive, don't you think?
Apparently there's something called the minimum occlusal contact and that seems to be ensured in this case.

Dentists don't have to add all teeth if that's what you're asking //unless you're paying for them and asked them to do so.
Yeah, that's what I am trying to say. The patient seems to have been duped. For the sheer lack of knowledge/alternative treatment plans.


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What's the prognosis on the uppers?

I can't believe a dentist did that. They planned to do crowns instead of an over denture.


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I believe he wanted to make an upper overdenture since he planted two upper canines but honestly he needs 2 more upper implants and way too less lower ones.