Delusion (God-Complex type of voice)

Dante Hayes

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18 Male


- Delusion (God-Complex type of voice)
- Slight hallucinations
- Not talking regularly, not noticing
- Very confident on "my philosophies" cannot be swayed whatsoever

Explanation: I went through a traumatic event, my therapist diagnosed me with OSDD, someone said I wasn't valid. I quickly started forgetting things, and losing memory. Ever since then, my speech has been off, one of the voices in my head has gotten louder (It's sort of like a god complex voice that's been here since five), and I sometimes am now starting to hallucinate. In order to feel valid, I feel like something has to be wrong with me, or I need a disorder, for some reason. Not for attention, I've just always thought like this. Is this me coping, did I convince myself I have OSDD/DID, to feel valid? And are these new symptoms, me coping, and convincing myself, I have this? I need answers quick. It's getting under my skin.
This event that happened was around a week ago.