Current problems in cancer


You must not joke with serious issues. I don't think cancer is a disease from the gods as you said. Get your facts right or drop a link that proves you right!
You're quite too religious. I'm not against religion, but yours is on another level.
There are so many other people who are exactly the same way. It's nothing serious.

Alaska Wang

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"Scientists promise to cure cancer with one injection", "new cure for cancer has been discovered", "universal remedy for malignant neoplasms has been found" - such headlines appear in the media almost every week. However, doctors rely on long-established methods: surgical removal of a tumor, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Almost all types of cancer are incurable. Let's figure out where sensational developments go and when science will beat cancer 🔫💣
This is a warning shot to all human beings that we are vulnerable to cancer.