"Current advice to limit dairy intake should be reconsidered". What the heck?

Aren't dairy guidelines revisited every 10 minutes?

Because it feels like it. One second it is good for you, the next it's figuratively killing you.
Which is why I asked if anyone had read research papers on it.

It's made worse by the fact that these people are paid by the industries to do the research, so it's going to be biased.
'Skimmed' good pun - Yeah, from a non-medic persective, milk is touted as good for you, then bad, then good, then too much can cause intolerance, then a lack of it can cause intolerance. This is all anecdotal though.
Your answer would literally depends on what article you read most recently and as with most things, the answer will problably be 'It depends'.
Well, I have not seen a case yet that would prove dairy detrimental to someone who is not lactose intolerant.

Anyways, as you say. It's a job for nutritionist, the problem is that people usually think that a nutritionist is a person with a degree from google university.
Dieticians are nutritionists who are registered with Commission on Dietetic Registration.

So every dietician is a nutritionist, but not every nutritionist is a dietician.
What proteins do you normally hit? Someone gave me a very Egg and Tuna-heavy plan.

I can see myself getting bored of Eggs.
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