Cold Hands Plus Feet

Shane Bax

New member
17 Male (turning 18 in a week)

-cold hands + feet
-stiffness at night or after long periods of inactivity
-my fingers feel almost like I'm wearing a glove during that time
-weirdness around nails, I'll get splinter haemorrhages and black dots in my cuticles

Symptoms influenced by:
-cold weather, worse in wintertime

First noticed red dots in my cuticles in 2016. Like, it looks like one of the little blood vessels in my nailfold bursts and then slowly it bleeds out onto my cuticle until it goes away. That's continued for a while. My hands + feet have always been naturally cold but it's gotten worse in the last couple years to the point where I have to wear gloves or put my hands in my pockets if I'm in sub-50 weather for more than a few minutes. In probably 2018 or 2019? I first noticed my hands turned stiff. But it's not so much my joints but instead it's like the skin on my fingers feel tight at certain times usually at night and early in the morning. It started with my right index finger and by summer 2019 it was all my fingers. Since then I haven't got any new symptoms but all the old ones are still there. Was gonna go to the doctor in 2020 but COVID hit so plans got cancelled. Finally visited the doctor last month and she diagnosed me with Raynaud's syndrome and ran some blood tests. ANA was negative but I'm still pretty sure there's some sort of underlying condition cause Raynaud's wouldn't really explain my stiffness or burst blood vessels.