Can I buy drugs online without prescription?

Ella Gardner

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Buying drugs online might not be only illegal, but dangerous. The American Medical Association and state boards of drugs and pharmacies have all condemned the practice of cyber doctors issuing online prescriptions as unacceptable treatment. Drugs delivered by rogue websites could also be the incorrect drugs, adulterated or expired, the incorrect dosage strength, or haven't any dosage directions or warnings.


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Actually, there are some online pharmacies that are willing to sell drugs without a prescription to their customers but personally, I wouldn't recommend buying from such online pharmacy because it's not a good health etiquette. Most times, it's the fake and not safe online pharmacies that lack approvals and accreditation from online pharmacy regulatory agencies that sell drugs without prescription.


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I see buying unprescribed drugs online as a dangerous move because no qualified pharmacist will sell unprescribed drugs to you because they will ask you for the doctor's prescription. Some of the online pharmacies see it as an avenue to sell off the fake and adulterated drugs. So it is not advisable to buy drugs online without prescription.


Yes, one can order drugs without prescription online but it is not advisable. It is a very wrong move and as well as dangerous. By trying to do that you are endangering your life as well. It is not advisable to do that. Always go for drugs that were prescribed by the doctor.